Remember Your Headspace @ The Green Gallery

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The Ski Club @ High Desert Test Sites, Joshua Tree, CA
Matt Cook, Laura Davis, Richard Galling, Alex Herzog, Thaddeus Kellstadt, Mark Klassen, Chris Larson, John Riepenhoff, Edra Soto, Oli Watt and Allison Yasukawa. Jesse McLean of Microlights Cinema will screen works by: Zachary Epcar, Sky Hopinka, Nazli Dinçel, Alee Peoples + Mike Stoltz, Beny Wagner and Michael Robinson


Galling & Gruzis: Krautrock
Jolly Jams Records
Written and Produced: Richard Galling and Evan Gruzis
Guitar: Evan Gruzis

Digitally Available at:
Juno – UK


Richard From Milwaukee: Break Free / Clear Water
Jolly Jams Records
Written and Produced: Richard Galling
Vocals: Denise Burton

12" Available at:
Phonica Records-UK
Redeye -UK
Jetset Records – JP
Strada Records – JP
Technique – JP
Amoeba – US
Forced Exposure – US


Water & Dreams, a watercolor exhibition organized by Katy Cowan @ Chicken Coop Contemporary, Portland, OR
Sofia Leiby, John Riepenhoff, Sara Caron, Peter Barrickman, Mike Paré, Richard Galling, Kirsten Schmid, Jess Minckley, Howard Fonda, Dominic Chambers, Michael Berryhill, Heidi Howard, Paul Anthony Smith, Molly Smith, Holly Coulis, Mike Kloss, William J. O’Brien, Cody Tumblin, Sarah Weber, Scott Cowan, Kristina Lee, Ryan Fenchel, Thomas Lynch 3rd, Britton Tolliver, Alan Prazniak, Jack Bangerter, and Naotaka Hiro


Stephen Aldahl & Richard Galling: Physical Modeling @ The Ski Club


Installation View - Stephen Aldahl and Richard Galling


Installation View - Stephen Aldahl and Richard Galling

The Great Poor Farm Experiment VIII
Kate Newby and Jennifer Kabat, Jonn Herschend, Levi Budd, John Riepenhoff and Richard Galling, Aaron Van Dyke, Molly Zuckerman-Hartung, Rashayla Marie Brown, Kirsten Dufour / Mobil Kultur Bureau, Jim Duignan / Stockyard Institute, Michelle Eistrup, Anja Franke, Nanna Lysholt Hansen, Hannah Heilmann, Anni Holm, Ulla Hvejsel, Henrik Plenge Jakobsen, Jenny Kendler, Kurt Finsten/Krabbesholm Højskole, Kirsten Leenaars, Sofia Leiby, Tony Lewis, Josh Mittelman, Matt Morris, Skovsnogen, Edra Soto, The Third Rail, Andrew Yang & Christa Donner / Cultural ReProducers
Art Agenda: The Great Poor Farm Experiment VIII


Rita Ackermann, Cory Arcangel, Tauba Auerbach, Daniel G. Baird, Alisa Baremboym, Jesse Benson, Jeremy Bolen, Sascha Braunig, Alex Chitty, American Fantasy Classics, Katy Cowan, Paul Druecke, Anna K. E., Assaf Evron, Richard Galling, Aristotle Georgiades & Gail Simpson, Michelle Grabner, Evan Gruzis, Joel Holmberg, Paul Ramirez Jonas, Miles Huston, José Lerma, Kate Levant & Jason Gomez, Roman Liska, Kylie Lockwood, Tony Matelli, Scott Reeder, John Riepenhoff, David Robbins, Ryan Conrad Sawyer, Alina Tenser, Daniel Turner, Philip Vanderhyden, Jacques Louis Vidal, Kristof Wickman


Installation View - Richard Galling and John Riepenhoff

The Suburban Milwaukee: 16 Years @ Mount Airy Contemporary, Philadelphia, PA
Zach Formwalt, Philip Vanderhyden, Rose Disalvo, Alexander Herzog, Michelle Grabner, Brad Killam, John Riepenhoff, Lane Relyea ,Andrew Falkowski, Jacob Goudreault, Jamisen Ogg, Adriane Herman, Howard Fonda, Mike Andrews, Siebren Versteeg, Magalie Guerin, Steven Husby, Assaf Evron, Angela Dufresne, Amy Park, Richard Galling, Oli Watt, Titus Dawson, Dana Degiulio, David Gracie, Deirdre O’Dwyer, Pete Fagundo, Winslow Smith, Erik Frydenborg, Gabe Farrar, Lise Haller Baggesen Ross, Joseph Grigely, Amy Vogel, Mark Klassen, Kevin Maginnis, Elijah Burgher


Installation View - Richard Galling and John Riepenhoff

The Great Poor Farm Experiment VII
Cary Cronenwett’s film Peace of Mind documents Flo McGarrell’s time in Jacmel, Haiti, before Flo’s untimely death in the 2010 earthquake. Wynne Greenwood pieces together the video backstory to Tracy and the Plastics, thinking about rivers now instead of mountains. Dana DeGiulio has built a double of black clay, stuffed it in a suitcase and smuggled it through TSA. Danny Giles is working through forms of Horror Noire in the real political violence inflicted on black citizens and the analogous fictional violence in the genre of horror. Josh Ploeg cooks. Amy Yao does her work underground. Gregg Bordowitz curates videos from the Video Data Bank, including Dan Graham’s Rock My Religion. CauleenSmith and Bryan O’Keefe will speak about the SDS and show his recent video, Something Has to Change, which documents the evolution of a friendship through spectatorship and the desire for mutual recognition, shot in three self-parodic phases. Matthew Evan Taylor will lead a noise workshop. Neil Gravander (courtesy Microlights), a Poncili Creación parade, Kirsten Stoltmann’s suffering, Katy Cowan indexing of the “sit-in” and others will also convene at The Great Poor Farm Experiment, July 31 through August 2. Conceived and curated by Molly Zuckerman-Hartung, with assistance from Nicholas Frank, the Experiment promises a deafening roar, a belly laugh, renewed energy, a respite, a return.

Other 2015 Great Poor Farm Experiments include:

A selection of work by participants in the The Drawing Center’s Open Sessions; Summer School, an annual informal gathering of students, faculty, and artists exploring experimental forms of dialog and education guided by artist Aaron VanDyke; John Riepenhoff and Richard Galling, hosting their annual “Lazy River, Keep Showing Me Your Rafts,” which includes a raft-building competition and a float down the Little Wolf River; and the pedagogical platform Lifetime Achievement and Packing My Library 2014–2015, with Molly Zuckerman-Hartung’s library evoking Walter Benjamin: ”For what else is this collection but a disorder to which habit has accommodated itself to such an extent that it can appear as order?”
Art Agenda: The Great Poor Farm Experiment VII


Curbit Festival, Mont Salève, France


Baudrillard’s America @ Andrew Rafacz Gallery
Larissa Borteh, Jay Davis, Ted Gahl , Richard Galling, Andrew Holmquist, Noël Morical, Josh Reames, Adam Scott, Wendy White


Exteriorized Bliss @ The Green Gallery

Richard_galling_bliss_2015 Richard_galling_bless_2015_2

Theme Song For An Exhibition
The Sound of White Columns
Music Produced by Richard Galling and Evan Gruzis
Vocals by Nicole Rodgers
Lyrics by David Robbins
7" Available at:


RFM: Natural Flavor
Jolly Jams Records
Written and Produced: Richard Galling

12" Available at:
Bent Crayon Records – US
Juno Records – UK
Sound Channel – JP
Technique – JP
Japonica Music – JP


The Great Poor Farm Experiment VI
Nelly Agassi, Cargo Space and Bad at Sports, Sara Caron, Abigail DeVille, Drawing Center’s Open Sessions, Assaf Evron, Nicholas Frank, Lise Haller Baggesen, Lifetime Achievement, Jacob Lillemose, Microlights, Henrik Plenge Jakobsen, Maddie Reyna and Levi Budd, John Riepenhoff and Richard Galling, Marko Spalatin, Mark Tobey, Amikam Toren, Aaron Van Dyke and Summer School, Steve Wetzel, Jonathan Williams, Molly Zuckerman-Hartung
Art Agenda: The Great Poor Farm Experiment VI


Plein Air et Dans @ THE SUBURBAN, Chicago, IL
Richard Galling with John Riepenhoff


Installation View - Richard Galling and John Riepenhoff

TGIF @ The Impala Lounge
DJs: Paul & KT, Richard Galling, and Tom Roberts


DJ Kaos: Swoop (Produced by Evan & Rich)
Jolly Jams Records
Music by Kaos, Evan & Rich
Produced & Mixed by Evan & Rich at Milwaukee Studios, USA

12" Available at:
Amoeba – US
Piccadilly Records – UK
Juno – UK
Lighthouse – JP


The Great Poor Farm Experiment
Lucio Pozzi, Lars Wolter, Indie Architecture, Lise Haller Baggesen, Lorenza Sannai, John Riepenhoff, Richard Galling, Aaron Van Dyke, and Summer School 2013
Analogue Other organized by Margot Samel
Torsten Lauschmann, Charlotte Prodger, Corin Sworn, Sue Tompkins
Who Wants Flowers When You’re Dead organized by Jonathan Thomas
A.K. Burns, Abigail DeVille, D.W. Griffith accompanied by Jackie Beckey and Jonathan Kaiser, Joachim Koester, Justin Thomas Schaefer, Jonathan Bruce Williams, C. Spencer Yeh


Installation View - John Riepenhoff and Richard Galling